Sunday, August 9, 2020

Dev: working here not working there

 Recently Opencart released a new Opencart version where our Ka Extensions module stopped working. The module extends the twig with a few useful functions but Opencart developers changed the location of the twig and you might guess what happened.

We released a new version of Ka Extensions adding a fix to that issue. The new module version worked fine on old stores and on our test environment. Everything looked fine until a couple users reported that the new module version still shows a twig error with unknown t() function. It looked strange, but we could not ignore that fact. One of our clients provided an access to the store where this issue could be reproduced.

Investigation revealed that a new file, which we added to the new twig, contained files and directories with upper letter cases but Opencart can automatically include only files with a lower case in names. After we renamed the files the new ka-extensions module loaded the page correctly.

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