Tuesday, June 4, 2019

How to start e-commerce with Opencart: Introduction


In these series of articles we will try to describe all the steps of opening an online store. Feel free to post your comments and make suggestions to the content.

Why Opencart

There are many platforms for online stores. They differ in functionality, cost, customization options. Opencart distinguishes from other platforms because it is free, popular, has a simple code and low requirements for the server environment.

Opencart is especially well suited to those who wants to customize the store for yourself. Because, thanks to its code, it is easy to expand it creating the necessary functionality for you.

The disadvantages of Opencart include a weak modular architecture, a fairly time-consuming upgrade system. At the moment, the authors of the Opencart platform are looking for ways to simplify this procedure, but meanwhile these prospects are rather vague and we have what we have.

Next chapter: "Preparations"

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